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We are seeking candidates for graduate studies in Electrical and Computer Engineering or Biomedical Engineering. Positions are open at the Master of Applied Science level (M.A.Sc.) and at the Doctor of Philosophy level (Ph.D.). Applicants must hold the equivalent of a four-year Bachelor's degree in either Electrical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, or a related field. All accepted students receive financial support.

For MASc/PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering:
Application website:
Deadline: TBA (will be in early January 2019)
Instructions: You may want to select “Electromagnetics” as your first choice, and mention my name in your statement of interest.

For MASc/PhD in Biomedical Engineering:
Application website (MASc):
Application website (PhD):
Deadline: February 11, 2019 (January 7th to participate to the Graduate Research Day)
Instructions: Please mention my name in your statement of interest, and notify me via email of your application.

Openings/available projects:
  • New! Computational Fluid Dynamics applied to Coronary Artery Disease (in collaboration with the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and SISSA Mathlab
  • High-Performance Electromagnetic Solver for 3D Integrated Circuits and GPUs (in collaboration with AMD)
  • Computational design of metasurface antennas and metamaterials
  • Model order reduction


Candidates with a good background in computational electromagnetics, control theory, signal integrity, EMC, and numerical mathematics are encouraged to apply. To inquire about openings at the post-doctoral level, please email me, attaching your CV, transcripts, and statement of interest.

Openings/available projects:

Undergraduate Students - Thesis and Summer Research Internships

Are you a top ECE or Engineering Science student, fascinated by forefront scientific research? Yes? Join my group for a summer research internship or a 4th year project! Available topics include: computational electromagnetism, computer-aided design of 3D integrated circuits (in collaboration with AMD), computational methods applied to cardiovascular diseases (in collaboration with the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre).
To apply: Email me your CV and transcripts.

Openings/available projects:

Scholarships and fellowships


Note: the process of finding a host group and preparing a good application can be quite long. So, start planning in advance. Note also that the deadline for many fellowships is in October-November.

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