ECE259H1S - Electricity and Magnetism - Resources

2-D Electrostatics applet
2-D Electrostatic Fields applet
3-D Electrostatic Fields applet
3-D Magnetostatic Fields applet
Applets from MIT TEAL/Studio Physics Project
DC Motor applet

Electromagnet (CERN Large Handron Collider)
MRI Scanner

Lightning hitting the arrester on top of CN tower
Dielectric (air) breakdown due to the opening of a high-voltage disconnector
Faraday Cage demonstration (from minute 47:00, Prof. Walter Lewin, MIT)
Magnetic field caused by a steady electric current
Lorentz's force on a current-carrying wire, placed in the magnetic field caused by some permanent magnets (white blocks). (in Spanish)
Experiments on electromagnetic induction/Faraday's law
DC Motor operation